Concrete Grinding Cape Coral, Fl


At Image Custom Coatings, we offer Residential, Commercial, and Industrial concrete grinding and polishing services for jobs of all sizes.

Whether you have thin coatings which need to be removed, uneven surfaces leveled out, joints filled, self-leveling overlays, thick membranes removed indoors or out, we have the machinery and products to restore your surface for your new coating to be applied.

We offer grinding and surface prep services so you can apply your own floor. Or we can apply the next floor to your specifications.

Get a nice clean and polished look for your warehouse floor, garage floor, business’s floor, or any surface. Concrete Grinding can make any surface look new again.

Concrete grinding not only looks good on an interior surface but it can also help with sidewalk Trip Hazard Repair, Trip Hazard Removal Service, Concrete Walkway Grinding. Who generally calls on Image Custom Coatings to perform services?

Anyone with liability issues on sidewalks or walkways! Property Management, Industrial facilities, City Directors, Apartment Management Companies, Golf Courses, Government Facilities, Recreational and State Parks, Colleges, Shopping Centers, Maintenance Directors of all types, Business Parks and Home Owner Associations, HOA.

We also provide concrete polishing to give a great finish to your concrete path or floor.

Many architects are specifying concrete polishing in today’s commercial and industrial environments. Concrete polishing is the art of grinding the concrete, chemically hardening the surface, applying logos, colors, and other designs, then progressively polishing the concrete with finer diamond impregnated tooling until the surface is able to hold it own polished shine. This can be done to both new and older concrete. But since no new coatings are applied and we are simply polishing the surface you have, each finished product will differ from the next and offer to you a unique appearance of colors, aggregate, and shine.

Image Custom Coatings Service Areas: Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples, Port Charlotte, Venice, Bonita Springs, Sanibel Island, and Marco Island, Florida.

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