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You should seek to hire masters of floor epoxy coating in Charlotte FL to offer you the best flooring solutions. Epoxy floors are unique and they exude a level of flooring finesse that is not easily rivaled. Such flooring demands expert handling. It is a flooring that can make even the oldest ragged looking floor look breathtakingly new; and that our word for it. You can take that to the bank. We know flooring and what it takes to have one that is captivating, durable, and easy to clean. So if you looking for a team to handle your flooring needs then come to Image Custom Coatings in Charlotte FL.

Epoxy is a resin used to coat floors. There are several floors that are done exclusively using epoxy. However, most of the floors that we handle are in need of dire repairs and would quickly be uprooted for a complete do-over. This is a valid option, but an expensive one at best. What we offer you is a floor coating solution that excludes the uprooting of the floor and still gives you a final floor product that will have that professional sturdy look. So it would be to your advantage to hire us if you want quality epoxy coating in Charlotte FL.

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Why would you want to hire Image Custom Coatings to handle your flooring needs? What makes us so special that we should be the company to call for the job? These are valid questions worth asking yourself. Our answers for them a simple; they will just reflect the issues at hand, which are the conditions facing your floors.

You need to hire a team that has not just the right resources, staff, and equipment but one that has the full understanding of every other aspect related to quality flooring services. These come with experience, something that is attained by having worked is the industry for a good number of years. We have over 10 years of epoxy flooring and other flooring services. That is why we know that we will not fail to deliver on our promise of nothing but the very best when it comes to epoxy flooring in Charlotte FL.

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