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Why would you go for epoxy flooring in Sanibel FL? One answer that we will give you is durability. Epoxy coatings are products that have high chemical resistance, a low porosity, and sturdy bonding for an incredibly durable look. Epoxy flooring is slightly different from an epoxy coating on floors. There is a high amount of epoxy used in epoxy flooring compared to doing an epoxy coating.

However, the key to having a gleaming durable epoxy floor is the resin used along with knowing the ratios for base and the curing agent. This is a knowledge that only we at Image Customs Coating will use in offering your unrivaled flooring solutions in Sanibel Florida.

There are a number of people who are of the opinion that epoxy flooring and coating is an expensive affair. That may hold water to some extent, but the overall impact and results achieved in from using epoxy will outweigh the costs.

The secret to this is in understanding how to handle the epoxy resin along with other chemicals that will be used in the process. Such is the extensive knowledge in flooring using epoxy that we have and would wish to put to use if you hire us to handle your flooring needs. We have shops in various towns in Florida including Sanibel.

Quality Epoxy Flooring Sanibel FL

Image Custom Coatings is the company to hire if you want quality floor epoxy solutions in Sanibel and other parts of Florida. We take time to assess the status of the floor, and determine the type of floor to know which epoxy flooring solutions will be best.

We will not rush to complete tear up the floor and install a new one without doing a thorough assessment. Most epoxy flooring services work on various floors like pool decks, concrete, driveways, and garage floors.

We know what it takes to deliver quality epoxy coating in Sanibel FL. We have the skill, knowledge, expertise, and resource to get the job done at a price that will befit the floor situation we will be addressing. You can get in touch via call or go online to know more.

Call us today on 239-628-6436 or visit us at https://imagecustomcoatings.com/ for more information about our products and services.

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